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Stainless Steel Seamless Tube &

Coil tubing:

The honest way to make good quality seamless tubing:

1) Choose of Qualify Raw Materials

2) Understand the deformation ratio

3) Use expansive lubricants and keep changing the lubricant

4) Heat treatment equipment

5) Cleaning and cleaning with care

Our TIG welding method with continuous on-line annealed system. 
We can provide sticks tubing and coil tubing up to 2000' long (no orbit welding).

All materials are from qualify mills to maintain the stability in both chemical and mechanical properties. We understand consistency and stability are critical for your manufacturing and this is our business ethic to produce the reliable tubing for you.

Pre-Insulated Tubing - A special design tubing use in temperature sensitive area for stream, gas and liquid transportation.
We use the same standard as per the major brand name in the world to produce our PIT. 
We are able to produce your private brand name PIT tubing for your own project.

20000 PSI High Pressure Tubing:
We can offer a complete selection of cold drawn stainless steel seamless tube with both strength and corrosion resistant.

The tubing in random length between 20' to 26'.
Each piece of tubing with water pressure test before shipment.
ID Ra 3.0 and HRB110 (Half annealed condition)

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