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Forging Steps

Machining Workshop:

Generally speaking, forging is focus on 
2 main factors. They are
Tooling and Raw Materials

The better the forging die we made, 
the better the forging will form.

We build our own forging die in-house 
to make sure on-time delivery and 
more importantly: 
to lower the cost of production.

Our experience in tooling workshops can 
promise a continuous supply of forging die
to maintain our normal daily operation.

Just let us know what you want and we will think the rest for you.


Material Control:

Material is the fundamental of the forging parts. We only deal with reliable mills no matter if they are domestic or from overseas.

Each piece of bar stock is carefully inspected in 3 major areas before forging.
1) Chemical composition;
2) Free from Radioactive pollution;
3) Crack free materials.

We are a TS-16949 certified factory, we know the method to handle heat traceable parts.

Forging Temperature:

Temperature is essential in forging, a slight change in temperature could cost the whole process. Therefore, we monitor the bullet temperature coming out from the medium frequency furnace, during forging and before water quenching. 

We will control every detail in the process to perfect our forging.

We are a TS-16949 certified factory and we are confident in the technique.


Heat Treatment:

The forging parts cannot be used if the dimension and the hardness are not set within a small tolerance. 

The forging die we use are closely monitored on an hourly basis. Therefore, the parts we forge are all made within your limit of request. With our custom made quenching equipment, the temperature and the timing are all under control to produce parts with unique mechanical properties.

All aimed to produce the parts that can be used in your CNC effectively.

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